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Integrative Healing with Maryliz

What Integrative Healing Is

You know that feeling when everything is in alignment? Your words come easily and people understand you clearly. No matter what you say or do, it works. You also know that feeling when you stumble to find the right words, you seem to hit a wall no matter what direction you turn. The struggle is due to energy blockages within your body. Integrative healing removes the energy blockages so that you are back in alignment. Your energy is flowing freely and everything comes to you and from you with a sense of ease and empowerment.

Integrative healing is rooted in physics, holotropic breathwork and Reiki. A session is a therapuetic experience without the therapy. It is a place to be heard, a place to be seen, and a place to embrace a deep personal understanding and a safe place to work on yourself. You will get out of a session what you choose to put into it. If you are skeptical about what integrative healing is, I urge you to give it a try. What do you have to lose, other than an hour?

Usui Reiki Certified Levels I and II 

Wellness Official Integrative Energy Healing Certified

Hospitals across the country offer Reiki in conjunction with standard medical care. Healthcare professionals report that Reiki speeds healing and eases the side effects of medications

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