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Let's be honest with each other, life can be messy and overwhelming, and chaotic. And that was before 2020 and the pandemic. Today, we are dealing with a fear and uncertainty of the pandemic, working from home and isolation from our family and friends, to name just a few. New is always uncomfortable and can be scary. Our new normal is both of those things. Each and every one of us, can use some peace and calm in our lives right now. If 2020 has taught us anthing, it's that we need spend some time taking care of ourselves. 

I am grateful for my clients who have been open to Integrative Reiki and have trusted me to work together to make a meaningful difference in their lives. Here is what some of them have to say ...


"My reactions during every session were different. Throughout the first few sessions, I was carrying a fear of vulnerability and unrelenting anxiety. By my third session, my chest heaviness went away, my body was warm, and I experienced a deep meditative state. My sessions with Maryliz have helped me to become more self aware and provided me with wonderful claming techniques."

"Physically I felt pins and needles in my arms and legs and lots of energy afterwards. Emotionally, I felt at peace, deep in thought."

"I love my sessions with Maryliz. Looking forward to making Reiki a part of my life moving forward."

"Maryliz explained about Reiki. We worked on breathing the first session. Maryliz was able to coach me and evaluate me with her expertise in the areas that I needed to focus on and release the anxiety and negative energies. Each session was different depending on the mood I was experiencing or state of mind. At the end of each session Maryliz was 100% accurate with her mindful evaluation of what was happening in my life that was weighing heavy on my soul and mind. I was very impressed on how much MaryIiz was able to calm me and connect with me. I look forward to more sessions and highly recommend MaryLiz. It’s definitely a must for self care !"

"The first session I felt a tingling sensation in my hands like energy currents and I felt something awaken in me emotionally. The second session I felt more emotionally liberated and confident in my breath--things flowed with ease through me, even if I had a negative thought I chose not to give it too much attention. During the third session I felt so calm and grateful for the practice and the experience. It was a real growth journey and I am so surprised in just three sessions Maryliz was able to identify places where I was holding onto stress and negativity and help me work through it."

"Thank you for this opportunity to calm my mind and delve into issues that I surpress which ultimately keep me from achieving calm and peace."

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